Monday, November 14, 2016

The Boston Celtics 
Article by: Bernie 

The Boston Celtics are one of the most successful franchises ever. They have the most NBA championships out of any team, they are the heart and sole of Boston. Unlike a lot of sports teams, the Celtics' modern stadium is in the middle of the city. Most sports teams stadium's are not directly in the city, or at least not as direct as the Celtics's. You can have a pint of beer in your favorite Irish pub in Boston, then walk 5 minutes to the game. I remember when I used to go to Celtics games with my dad, we would get to the stadium hours beforehand, and just walk around and see cool places and people.The franchise also found a way to engage the fact there is a high population of Irishmen in Boston. Irish are very proud of the Celtics since Celtics is an Irish name, and the Celtics signature Color is green. This attracts a lot of people to fill out the TD Garden. A lot of the people that attend the Celtics are a lot a like, in ethnicity, in passion for the game and in excitement. I always loved going to Celtics games with my dad. One of the things I liked most was that the Celtics didn't often do drastic changes in roster, now they do it a little more and it's been harder to follow them. I remember when I went to games with him, I would get so excited, I would wonder year after year if they would win the championship. The games actually mattered. I felt like I was so smart because my dad didn't know much about basketball, so I would teach him and tell him all the players I liked, we would both get excited when those players did well. They all played for the Celtics. 

When the Celtics stayed with the same group of guys, you felt like you knew them, you felt like they were a part of you. Now it's changed, it's a new group, I hope these guys are together for a long time. They are still building their new team however, but when they get to a good group of guys, I think they should stick  with it, unlike KD or Lebron. So everybody can fall back in love with Boston. Who agrees with me?

The Celtics have been improving, and with the smart thinking of Danny Ainge, I believe that they could make there way back to the top. What do you think is the best move for the Celtics right now? Should they work with what they have now, or keep adding new players. Who do you think is a key player for the Celtics to advance to the conference finals. I believe we need an athletic big man, who is more of a defenseman but can also score the rock when needed. Someone like Nerlens Noel or Hassan Whiteside, young and hopeful. Any other ideas? Leave them in the comment section please.

Kevin Durant to Oakland!
Article by: Bernie
I love good competition, don't you? 10 amazing athletes going at it with every bone in their body. The dedication and heart shows, and only those with the most of that, are victorious. 

The NBA has killed some of that feeling. There is little wonder of who will win in many playoff series'. When I was younger, I remember I rarely missed watching a single celtics game, now I will watch maybe the NBA finals. It's because there is no longer wonder for me. Even if a team wins a game, we already know who's winning the finals. It has made me less intrigued to the game every year. In recent years, it's always been Lebron's team in the east and Steph Curry's team in the west. If Golden State, Miami and Cleveland dropped some of their players, for example Dwyane WadeKyrie IrvingKlay ThompsonKevin Love or J.R Smith, teams like Toronto, Boston, Dallas, Charlotte or Houston would become more valuable contenders in the league, making the season, especially the post season, much more exhilarating. The worst has been in the recent months, when Kevin Durant relocated to Oakland. Oakland already had every piece of the puzzle, all they needed was a little more heart. They took the easy route. They took Kevin Durant.

It was a bad move on both KD's part, and the Warriors, Durant and the Thunder had just lost a very tight West Coast Finals to the Warriors. After the season was over, Durant had the idea to go play for the team that just beat him. Not fight his heart out to destroy them. That is the moment I lost all hope for NBA competition. I thought it was a bright move that KD wanted to go to another franchise, Westbrook and him are both dominant scorers, together, not exactly teamwork. I was excited because I thought Durant could move to a city that really needed him, and create another team that could compete for the title, making the league yet more amusing. But no. Now, if the Warriors lose one game, everybody is going to go crazy. It shouldn't be like that, I think Adam Silver should make some changes to make the league 'fun' again. Input? Leave it in the comment section, Thank You!